I'd like to correct an error that I made about Flip Grips

It was my understanding that when the manufacturer did a slight redesign of the Flip Grip shoes they changed the texturing from a cross hatch to a dimple pattern and that the rest of the shoe remained unchanged. In looking at the Flip Grip now, I can see that the shoulders of the new shoe have been widened compared to the original.

The EZ Flip II and the Flip Grip originally were exactly the same shoe with the exception of the texturing on the Flip Grip. For interest's sake I ran a static test to see where the rotational point of each shoe is. Here's what I found:

The rotational point is the spot on a shoe where the percentage of the weight of the tips is greater than the percentage of the weight of the shoulders. At this point the shoe will roll over on its own. For both the Flip II and the redesigned Flip Grip, the rotational point occurs 94mm from the heel of the shoe. 

Basically this means that the shoes should roll over identically.  Since the shoulders of the Flip Grip feel different in the hand compared to the older version it would be understandable to say that they behave differently. They probably do since the grip area is different.