Six Shooter (Set of 2 Shoes)


The Six Shooter is a traditional style pitching horseshoe that is anything but traditional!  Its most striking feature is its vortex shaped interior, which is engineered to make the horseshoe wrap around the stake rather than jump back. 


Six Shooter’s heavy weighted tips and huge, over-sized hooks help it clamp down nicely on a stack of shoes at the stake and also provide perfect counter-balance for effortless turning. It’s a full weight horseshoe, but its extra-wide flat blades with dot-style gripping surfaces make it feel very light in the hand. The blade width tapers up slowly from the hook, making it easy to grip for any size hand. All edges are rounded nicely for a smooth, easy release.


We try to stock shoes in the medium weight range - which is 2 lb 8 oz to 2 lb 9 oz. Six Shooter horseshoes normally are right in the medium weight range.


This is a primarily a turn shoe.