Challenger (Set of 2 Shoes)

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The Challenger features a square shape instead of a curve, allowing for a wider gripping area for flip pitchers than a traditionally shaped shoe. It was designed to compete directly with the Gordon Horseshoe when it was made in the US by Queen City Forge in Cincinnati, OH.

(***PLEASE NOTE: The below video shows the previous version of the Challengers***)


The body of the Challenger shoe is nearly the same as that of the Gordon, but it has improved hooks and sharper points so that it holds the stake better and measures better than the Gordon shoe. It feels just about the same, but should throw even better because the tips are even heavier than what was on the Gordon. 


We try to stock all of the shoes in the medium weight range - which to us is 2 lb 8 oz to 2 lb 9 oz. Challenger horseshoes normally average right about medium, ranging from 2 lb 7.5 oz to 2 lb 8.5 oz.  Each set of shoes is match weighted to within a tenth of an ounce.


This is the shoe to get for replacing old Gordons. Sanctioned for tournament play.