Snyder EZ Flip II (Set of 2 Shoes)


The Snyder EZ Flip II is one of the most advanced flip shoes ever designed. Due to the heavier than normal toe weighting they flip quite easily.


This shoe has the same design features as the regular EZ Flip  except that there is no ringer break in the center of the shoe. - Extremely heavy tips and a lower/flatter rear thumb cleat for truly easy flipping. This shoe features a squarer shape instead of a curve, allowing for a wider gripping area. This gives the pitcher more room to adjust their grip, like turn throwers have along the blade of the shoe-- a unique advancement in flip shoe design.


We try to stock shoes in the medium weight range - which is 2 lb 8 oz to 2 lb 9 oz. EZ Flip II horseshoes normally are right in the medium weight range.


This is a flip shoe only. With very heavy tip weighting the shoe will flip with almost no effort.