Bronco Pro-Flip (set of 2 shoes)


The Bronco Pro-Flip is one of the most popular flip style horseshoe on the pro tournament circuit. This shoe won world championships in its first year of production. Players of every skill level can improve their game with this horseshoe.


 The shoe is well balanced for the flip and has the grabbing cleats reversed from the thumb cleat to allow the hooks and front cleats to grab the ground and stay on the stake. It has a large thumb cleat, no ringer break in the middle, and medium toe weighting.


We try to stock all of the shoes in the medium weight range - which to us is 2 lb 8 oz to 2 lb 9 oz. Bronco horseshoes normally average just little over medium weight at 2 lb 9 oz to 2 lb 9.5 oz.  A set of shoes is match weighted to within a tenth of an ounce.


This is an ideal shoe for those players that don't want a ringer break. Sanctioned for tournament play.